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The opening of pressed raw material bales is one of the most dangerous and laborious jobs in the mill. To break open the bale straps a worker has to split the straps or wires using an axe or crowbar. This often leads to injuries, especially with the more frequently used high density bales.  

 The OPTiCRAC offers:  

The process is explained as follows:

The bale is taken and driven to the OPTiCRAC. The fork lift presses the bale against the OPTiCRAC. The machine is automatically aligned to the bale by a pivot mounting. The two safety panels must be pressed with a force of over 72 kg to start the opening process. A carriagem which is tracked inside the machine, drives along the bale. On the carriage the sensor and the cutting unit are mounted. The radar-like sensor detects the strap or wrappings. A computer processes the signals of the sensor and controls the cutting unit. The unit is triggered when the cutting knife is precisely opposite the bale strap or wire.


Opens bales safely and quickly  

1        Fork lift truck with rotating bale clamp 1A.
2        Bale - The bale is presented to the bale strap cutter.
3        Bale strap cutter
4        Safety Bar (only activates cutter  with 72 kg pressure).
5        Computer activates sensor.
6        Sensor detects strap and activates cutting knife.
7        Cutting knife is pulsed to cut strap.
8        Pivot mounting to allow automatic alignment.

Advantages   ·           
SAFETY - Operator ·             
SPEED - 8 - 10 seconds a bale ·             
LABOUR - Reduces man power ·             
MECHANICAL SIMPLICITY -   Ensures operating simplicity and reliability


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