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Fine Feeder



Most commonly in the non-wovens industry, the FS5 or its derivates are used to feed cards.

We saw the need to replace this 60 year old design.

The FS5 had very little holding capacity; that did not match the production of modern cards.

Because of this, we use a 2,4 m wide machine instead of 1 m.

The sieve design with meshed wovens caused problems in many applications; we therefore use electrolytically polished stainless steel sieves.


Fine Feeder
The huge sieve and the high holding capacity allow to reintroduce the side trim in the Fine Feeder.

The high capacity is important to reduce variations in the feeding.

Filling control by sensitive pressure gauge.

The opening is done between a wire-wound feed roll and a wire-wound opening roll, by this sending small tufts to the chute feed, which is essential for better uniformity.

The HERGETH axial suction allows a high throughput with little transport air.

The Fine Feeder can deliver a single flow of fibers or two parallel flows for chute feeds being fed from both sides simultaneoulsy.

We recommend this for productions of up to 1000 kg/ h.

For higher productions, we use one Fine Feeder on each side of the chute.




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